Mikołaj Kopernik


Congress date:
February 19-21

World Copernican Congress

The World Copernican Congress is the culmination of the celebration of the 550th anniversary of Nicolaus Copernicus’ birth. Its sessions will be attended by several hundred scholars from around the world.

During the Congress, the Academy’s organs will be constituted, and the first Copernican Awards will be presented.

The Congress will be held in Torun from February 19 to 21, 2023.

About the Academy

In the history of the development of science, as in the history of mankind, it is difficult to find a uniform rhythm of events. Despite a series of many consistently repeated actions, it was often revolution, chance, courage of thought, illumination that accompanied the world’s greatest breakthroughs. Behind each of them there are specific scientists with the passion and determination to change what is commonly taken for granted. One of the most momentous discoveries that forever revolutionized science was the Copernican Revolution. It is impossible to list all the consequences and effects of Nicolaus Copernicus’ discoveries in the fields of astronomy, physics, geography, economics, politics and many, many others.

Referring to the plethora of achievements of the most outstanding Polish scientist, the National Copernican Program will be launched on the 550th anniversary of his birth.

It is a comprehensive system of promotion and support aimed at providing a new quality to Polish science.

The highlight of the celebration of the 550th anniversary of Copernicus’ birth, is the World Copernican Congress. Several hundred scholars from around the world will participate in its sessions.

The Congress will be held in Torun from February 19 to 21, 2023.

Chambers of the Academy

  1. Wacław Gudowski (Poland)
  2. Leszek Roszkowski (Poland)
  3. Marek Sarna (Poland)
  4. Marian Szymczak (Poland)
  5. Andrzej Udalski (Poland) - Head
  6. George Efstathiou (Great Britain)
  7. Masashi Hazumi (Japan)
  8. Didier Queloz (Switzerland)
  9. Gianfranco De Zotti (Italy)

  1. Adam Dziki (Poland)
  2. Grzegorz Gielerak (Poland)
  3. Ewa Marcinowska-Suchowierska (Poland)
  4. Leszek Markuszewski (Poland)
  5. Andrzej Rynkiewicz (Poland) - Head
  6. Mariano Bizzarri (Italy)
  7. Hans Joachim Meyer (Germany)
  8. Adam T. Stys (USA)
  9. Huey-Jen Su (Taiwan)
  10. Mansur Rahnama-Hezavah (Iran)

  1. Mariusz Andrzejewski (Poland)
  2. Sławomir Gawroński (Poland)
  3. Marta Kightley, (Poland)
  4. Zbigniew Krysiak (Poland)
  5. Leon Podkaminer (Poland)
  6. Adam Glapiński (Poland) - Head
  7. Dariusz Tworzydło (Poland)
  8. Pablo De Cos (Spain)
  9. Robert Holzmann (Austria)
  10. Harold James (USA)
  11. Thomas J. Jordan (Switzerland)

  1. Tory K. Baucum (USA)
  2. Nigel Biggar (Great Britain)
  3. Bernardo Estrada (Columbia)
  4. Gerhard Müller (Germany) - Head
  5. Paweł Bortkiewicz (Poland)
  6. Wawrzyniec Marek Rymkiewicz (Poland)
  7. Marcin Tkaczyk (Poland)
  8. Ireneusz Werbiński (Poland)
  9. Piotr Wilczek (Polnad)

  1. Elżbieta Karska (Poland)
  2. Anna Łabno (Poland) - Head
  3. Conor Casey (Great Britain)
  4. Fabrizio Giulimondi (Italy)
  5. Marius Ostrowski (Great Britain)
  6. Adrian Vermeule (USA)
  7. Manuele Vescovi (Italy)

  1. Barry Barish (USA)
  2. James E. B. Peebles(USA)