Nicolaus Copernicus Research Center

A key component of the National Copernican Program, focused on, among other things:

  • aggregation of efforts in the Academy’s research areas,
  • synergy of experience and cooperation of various scientific entities at home and abroad,
  • programming and coordination of research projects,
  • organizing scientific events to promote Polish science at home and abroad,
  • managing research funding and creating an appropriate institutional environment for cooperation between the scientific and economic communities,
  • commercialization of scientific research.

The Research Center will widely disseminate and promote the results of the most important research of Polish scientific institutions abroad by organizing symposia and scientific conferences, as well as organizing publishing activities to promote the results of Polish scientific research at home and abroad.

The Research Center has also been tasked with implementing the Copernican Scholarships Program. The Copernican Scholarships are a special instrument for funding scientific research and supporting the development of science and scientists.

The scholarship program has two main components:

  • instruments to support scientific research and scientific internships for young scientists;
  • Nicolaus Copernicus Grants intended for scientists (Polish citizens and foreigners) of recognized international reputation who conduct research projects devoted to the Polish national heritage and the current conditions of Poland’s operations in the international community.

The latter instrument is likely to engage the international scientific community effectively in research on Polish issues, and thus contribute to the promotion of Poland in the world.

The institution will be headed by the Director of the Research Center, appointed in a competitive procedure by the Secretary General of the Academy for a 4-year term. This arrangement will ensure the necessary independence and autonomy in carrying out the tasks of the Research Center.